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Tree Trimming Pensacola FL

A tree trimming service is the cornerstone to any successful tree care program. Tree trimming services are critical to sustaining your tree’s health, stimulating growth and retaining its natural appearance.

Pruning services include the following:

  • Training young trees to develop strong structure
  • Removing damaged branches and limbs
  • Thinning limbs to increase light penetration and air flow through the canopy
  • Removing limbs that interfere with structures or rub together causing wounds
  • Removing dead, diseased, or weak limbs
  • Creating better structure to reduce the potential for storm damage
  • Removing excessive weight at the ends of branches
  • Creating better shape in a damaged tree

Reasons to Prune Trees

Curb appeal

Pruning affects the appearance of a tree. By cutting off dead limbs or removing sections of the tree that are growing faster than others, you enhance the shape of the tree. This is especially important for adding aesthetic appeal.

Promote growth

When proper technique is used, tree pruning strengthens roots, and makes trees healthier. Pruning also helps with new branch growth.

Remove hazardous branches

High winds and storms cause dead limbs to fall easily. Dead branches may even fall during perfect weather conditions. Branches hanging over roofs of homes and growing into electric lines should be addressed before they become hazardous.

To treat disease

Trees can contract diseases. Pruning can help treat the disease, and prevent the disease from spreading. Therefore, pruning not only prevents disease, it also helps treat it.

Tree Trimming Pensacola FL

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